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Introducing the stylish Savvy Tots

Baby Car Seat Cover!

The Savvy Tots Baby Car Seat Cover is a premium, versatile product that will protect your sleeping baby from the elements as well as show off your savvy style along the way! No more flat colors or bland stripes here. Finally there is a baby car seat cover that is designed to look great! It’ll brighten up your day, and it makes an excellent gift for that new mom!

It’s also multi-functional – use it as a breastfeeding shield and shopping cart canopy. Even use as a casual shawl for mom! Learn more below about our baby car sear cover below and our exclusive offer, or purchase on Amazon now!

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What makes Savvy Tots a great choice?

  • Super soft and comfortable!

    The Savvy Tots Baby Car Seat Cover is a versatile, multipurpose product that will serve you with style. And most importantly, it is a soft and comfortable cotton/polyester blend that is very stretchable. You’ll be delighted with how soft it is on your baby’s skin, and how comfortable and easy it is to use or pack away. You can relax knowing your baby is napping peacefully in privacy and comfort, protected from wind, sun, or even light rain, all with a soft and awesome fabric!

  • A stylish and colorful design that will turn heads and keep you smiling!

    No more boring stripes or flat colors here! Many baby car seat covers are a dull utilitarian product – flat colors, stripes, maybe a simple pattern. But why not set yourself apart with a colorful and stylish design? Something that is bright and colorful? When you show up at that barbecue, birthday party, or family gathering, you’ll be the envy of all the other moms when you show off your stylish Savvy Tots Baby Car Seat Cover. This is only our first design as well. A whole line of exciting designs is in development.

  • Your baby will rest in comfort!

    Most importantly, your baby will rest comfortably while protected from the elements. So on top of the stylish look, it performs well. The fabric is ample and stretchy enough to easily fit over any car seat, and your baby will be resting soundly. After all, that is the end goal with a product like this. Our Baby Car Seat Cover functions at the highest of expectations – well made, stylish, and functioning as needed.

  • A useful, multipurpose product!

    Sure, it’s just a baby car seat cover. But wait! It can also be used as a discreet nursing or breastfeeding shield, a casual shawl, or a shopping cart canopy for your baby while you get the groceries. Think of it as an all around accessory for keeping your baby happy and comfortable. Its multiple uses mean you don’t have to buy a separate product for all your needs. It’s all here.

Check out these comments from other happy customers!

“Very useful product. Easy to use and surprisingly durable. Colors are nice for either boy or girl. We’ve already had people notice and ask about this product, apparently it’s a conversation starter. It will make a perfect gift too.”

Jamie G.

“I love the colors! I love how this item stands out, it’s such a different look than so many others, it’s very unique and bright and fun to use. The fabric is very stretchable and soft.”

Carrie G.

“It’s nice to finally seeing a nursing cover that has some style! I am always on the lookout because so many are plain and flat colors, or just stripes. It’s almost a piece of fashion that fits into your whole look!”

T. Smithers

“I bought this as a gift for my close friend who has a newborn. Fantastic, rave reviews. It’s a functional cover that is super soft with a nice, easily washable material. It is vibrant and she loves the stylish, modern, colorful design.”


Comes with a handy carrying bag so you can pack it up neatly!

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Period.

The Savvy Tots© Baby Car Seat Cover. Makes a perfect gift for that new mom. And with Amazon, it’s eligible for Prime shipping. Buy on Amazon Now!

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